Common Questions For Your Workers’ Compensation Hearing

Workers compensation is a type of business insurance that provides benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. The compensation helps pay for medical care, lost wages and more. It’s important to remember that benefits differ from state to state so working with a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate all your claims red tape.

It is important to understand the hearing process and be prepared for questions that may come up during your hearing. Please speak to a worker’s compensation lawyer for the specifics about your individual case, at EMD Law we are ready to help. Here are some common questions you may be asked in your workers’ compensation hearing:

  • General Background – General questions, like your full legal name, address, and date of birth will be asked at the beginning of your workers compensation hearing. They may also ask questions regarding marital status, living arrangements and number of children in the household. All these questions are used to calculate weekly compensation rates so honesty and accuracy is needed during this line of questioning.
  • Education and Training – These questions do not necessarily have anything to do with your current job or position. It is important to be truthful and honest with your education, trade schools, military background, training courses, and any certifications you may have. This is a place where the opposition may try to poke holes in your level of experience.
  • Employment History – During the workers’ compensation hearing they will ask you about past jobs, hours worked at each job and amount of compensation. Be extremely specific and when you answer. You may even want to have something prepared for this question. Your worker’s compensation lawyer can provide additional tips for your hearing preparations.
  • Job Duties – Questions regarding your current job and responsibilities are some of the most important questions you will be asked. You will need to testify about your date of hire, any preexisting medical conditions, required physical examinations prior to your start date, description of the job and duties you perform, hours worked, and your salary.
  • About the Incident – You will be asked about the date of injury, how it occurred, body parts impacted, who you reported it to, how and where you got your initial medical treatment and job duty restrictions. Be as specific and as detailed as you can. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can help prepare you for this line of questioning.
  • Medical Questions – During the workers’ compensation hearing, all medical history becomes available for discussion. Be prepared to testify about old injuries, doctors you may have visited, and limitations you may experience because of your medial issues.
  • Ability to Return to Work – Depending on the severity of your injury and whether or not you can return to work, you will need to keep a list of other jobs you may have applied for and if they can offer you a position with your current injury. You will also be asked about your current activities and hobbies. Be truthful, it’s not uncommon for companies to hire private investigators to deny claims.

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