Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Albany, NY

You may find yourself faced with a lot of decisions to make. Our primary objective is to maximize your benefits to restore your immediate and future financial security. If we represent you, our workers comp lawyer will work directly with you and guide you through the workers’ compensation system. We expedite the process and keep you updated at every step, explaining each option that you have available.  With over 20 years of experience, you can trust us to protect your rights.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance and protection that provides wage/pay replacement and medical benefits to those employees who are injured during the course of their employment, in exchange for a mandatory surrender of the employee’s right to sue his/her employer for negligence. Employers pay this insurance and cannot require the employee to contribute to the cost of compensation.

In the state of New York, almost every employer is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for all employees, regardless of the number of employees. Coverage isn’t required for sole proprietors or partners without employees, but they can purchase it for themselves.

No matter how severe your injury is, you may still face delays. Your employer may limit or outright deny your benefits. At Erwin, McCane & Daly, we have extensive experience advocating on behalf of individuals in Albany, NY who have had claims denied.

When to Hire an Attorney

While filing a workers’ compensation claim may appear simple on the surface, it is not. Workers’ compensation claims have become increasingly complex over the years, requiring an attorney to be present throughout the process. Many mistakes can be made starting the moment after you get injured. This can lead to you not getting all the benefits you’re entitled to. It’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side, whether you are filing a claim for the first time or appealing a denied claim.

If you choose to have us to represent you on your workers’ compensation claim, we do so for no upfront cost. If we successfully recover your claim, a judge determines what our fee should be. This fee is deducted directly from the compensation, so you don’t have to come up with it yourself. If we are unsuccessful with your claim, you don’t owe any lawyer’s fees.

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When you work with our firm, you have direct access to our attorneys. Your case is not assigned to a paralegal or other assistant. We will lead you through the steps of New York Workers’ Compensation Court and ensure all of the necessary forms are completed correctly and filed on time to expedite your claim.

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