Workers’ Compensation Hearing Questions

After filing a workers’ compensation claim, your case may require a hearing with the workers’ compensation board to complete the process and obtain compensation for your injury. During this hearing your claim will be reviewed, and you will have to answer questions about yourself and your injury. During this hearing, it is of the utmost importance that you answer all questions truthfully and to the best of your ability, as your employer can and will try to dispute and negate your claim.

To ensure that you receive the best outcome, it’s important to have a competent and trusted team to guide you! At EMD Law, we specialize in workers’ compensation, and know how to navigate you through your hearing. Let’s dive in to some of the most asked workers’ compensation hearing questions.

General Background

You should expect general questions regarding your name, address, DOB, marital status, living arrangements and more as part of general questioning. These questions are important and relevant as they are used as a means to generate a base idea of compensation rate. Be sure to answer them as accurately as possible.

Previous Medical History/Injuries

During a compensation hearing, your entire medical history is open for discussion. The opposition may use an old injury/medical issue to argue a pre-existing condition, or that your current injury is related to a previous injury, and therefore your employer is not responsible. Once again, accuracy and truth are of the utmost importance here. It’s extremely important to review your medical history with your attorney prior to this meeting.

Current Job Duties

Some of the most important questions at your hearing will relate to your current job and the duties you were required to perform. Ensure that you have a detailed list and understanding of all the requirements and information about your position; including your start date!

The Incident

You will be asked specific details about your injury; where it happened, what day/time, how it happened, the severity of it, and more. The chain of events after you were injured will also be crucial questions. As always, you must be as accurate and detailed as possible in your answers.

Ability to Return to Work

You will be specifically questioned on your ability to return to work, and if you have or have not applied for any other jobs. You may also be asked about any activities or hobbies you may have participated in recently with your injury. Be aware that it is common for companies to work with private investigators to dispute your claims, they may already know some of these answers.

Contact our team today to discuss your worker’s compensation hearing questions! Our experienced attorneys will help you navigate your workers’ comp proceedings, and ensure that you have the comprehensive legal advice needed to receive the outcome and benefits you deserve!