Denied Claims or Reduced Benefits

If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, don’t despair. Many workers’ compensation claims are denied, often because there was not sufficient medical information provided about the injury or the claimant failed to give his or her employer proper notice of the injury.

At Erwin McCane & Daly, an Albany, New York, workers’ compensation law firm, we have extensive experience advocating on behalf of individuals who have had claims for disability denied. It’s important to have that kind of experience on your side, whether you are appealing a denied claim or filing a claim for the first time.

We Tackle Denied Disability Claims And Reduced Benefits Head On

Doctors working for employers’ insurance carriers often minimize an injured person’s losses or claim that an injury was due to a pre-existing condition that is not covered under workers’ compensation.

In other instances, a recipient of workers’ compensation benefits can suddenly have his or her benefits reduced, often after having been asked by an employer’s insurance provider to receive an independent medical exam (IME).

Our workers’ compensation attorneys know how to challenge denials of workers’ compensation benefits or reduction in benefits. The first step to take when your workers’ compensation has been denied or reduced is to request a hearing before a Workers’ Compensation Board judge. In this situation, you want to have experienced, aggressive legal representation on your side fighting for benefits that are rightfully yours.

If you have questions for an Albany denied or reduced disability claims attorney, call 518-449-2245 or schedule a free initial consultation below.

If you choose to have us represent you on your workers’ compensation claim, we do so for no upfront cost. If we successfully recover your claim, a judge determines what our fee should be. This fee is deducted directly from the compensation, so you don’t have to come up with it yourself. If we are unsuccessful with your claim, you don’t owe any lawyer’s fees.