How Difficult is it to Get Your Social Security Disability?

injured at work wheelchair

There are some aspects of our lives that are welcomed. A wedding. A birth. The purchase of something new and exciting like a home or vehicle. However sometimes life can be unpredictable, and unfair. Suffering an injury or getting sick can really put some hardships on you and your family. One course of action you […]

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Congress Now Working Together To Save Social Security Disability

Capitol Hill

With more and more Americans in need of Social Security Disability benefits you can imagine that the funds are diminishing. President Obama has a plan to shift some $330 billion from Social Security retirement to the disability program. At first this was met with some resistance from Senate Republicans, but now it appears as though […]

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NPR Talks Worker’s Compensation Law Changes [AUDIO]

When it comes to worker’s compensation, it’s supposed to help out the employees and their families when someone suffers and injury in the workplace. As NPR reports, it’s called the “Grand Bargain.” The employer, and their insurance, is supposed to cover your medical expenses and give you money to live on while you recover. But, […]

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Can You Seek Workers Compensation for Workplace Stress?

stress at work workers comp

When it comes to being injured at the workplace, sometimes an injury can be more than just physical. Sometimes mental injuries, such as stress, can be a result of the workplace. So this leads you to ask – can a stress related illness get me workers compensation? There is a very fine line when it […]

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