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Medical Treatment Guidelines

The New York State Workers' Compensation Board recently made changes to the New York workers' compensation treatment guidelines for neck, knee, and mid and lower back injuries. These guidelines cover how doctors should treat certain injuries and conditions to areas of the body.

The medical treatment guidelines, which apply only to those specific areas of the body, are designed to be evidence-based standards of care and best practices for medical treatment of work-related injuries. They offer a means by which doctors can ensure that their treatment of your injuries or condition is paid for by the insurance company without having to obtain pre-approval.

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At Erwin, McCane & Daly, an Albany, New York, workers' compensation law firm, we stay up to date with the Workers' Compensation Board guidelines in order to help ensure that our clients receive the treatment they need and deserve. Take advantage of our collective experience representing individuals with workers' compensation claims.

If your medical provider feels you should be treated differently than what is stipulated for in the guidelines, they can apply for a variance. In these situations, it pays to have an experienced workers' compensation attorney working on your behalf.

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