All You Need to Know About Seeing a Workers’ Compensation Doctor

Workers Comp Doctor

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be a daunting task, and that’s why we’re here to help as your workers’ compensation attorneys.

Did you know that there’s another key member in your case? A workers’ compensation doctor is crucial to any workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation doctors not only provide treatment for your injury, they will also be the one to provide some of the most important evidence in your case.

Where to Start:

You should seek treatment from a workers’ compensation doctor as soon as possible after you recognize that your injury or medical condition is work-related. If you know you might want to file a claim, you need to make sure you’re starting off with workers’ compensation doctor, and stick with them throughout the entire treatment process. It is crucial to stick with one workers’ compensation doctor, as you will want to document the progress of your treatment thoroughly in order to support your workers’ compensation claim.


When you first visit your workers’ compensation doctor, they will evaluate whether or not the health condition in question is related to your occupation. You will want to tell your workers’ compensation doctor:

  • How you sustained your injury
  • The history of your symptoms
  • Any substances or chemicals you work with in your occupation – check OSHA’s Occupational Chemical Database if you’re unsure about this
  • Your health history, including any pre-existing conditions or injuries that you have sustained in the past

You will want to disclose as much information as possible surrounding your ailment and the circumstances surrounding it to your doctor. It’s entirely possible that you have symptoms that relate to a workplace injury, without realizing the relevance.

What Else Should I Know?

  • Before selecting a doctor, you will want to ensure that they are authorized by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board .
  • Workers’ compensation doctors have to comply with Medical Treatment Guidelines. They are also required to use New York Workers’ Compensation Board prescribed forms to report their findings during your treatment.
  • Before submitting your workers’ compensation claim, obtain copies of your medical records from your workers’ compensation doctor.
  • It’s possible that the insurance carrier will request for you to have an additional exam done by an Independent Medical Examiner. If this happens, it’s crucial to provide the examiner with the complete history of the injury or illness that is causing you to file a claim. Their purpose is to verify that your ailment was caused by your occupation.

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