When Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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Workers’ Compensation can be incredibly complex for one to navigate on their own. The entire process can be overwhelming and complicated, especially when you are trying to heal from an injury. If you’ve been injured at work, hiring a workers’ compensation attorney can help to ensure that you receive the benefits and compensation that you are entitled to. Having an experienced attorney in your corner can be incredibly beneficial for many reasons.

Your Employer is Denying Your Claim

If your employer or their insurance carrier is denying your claim, it’s time to hire an attorney. An attorney can help you to gather the proper information needed to prove your claim, knows how to negotiate, and will be there for you throughout the entire claims process, including the court process if necessary.

Your Claims Process is Not Progressing

If you feel that your company or their insurance carrier is not working towards progressing your case or is not providing you with regular updates on the status of your claim, it may be time to hire a lawyer. While these processes do not happen overnight, having an attorney can help to ensure that your process is staying on track, that you are updated with correct information, and can help to improve your outcome.

You Feel You Are Facing Retaliation

Your employer is not allowed to retaliate against you in anyway for filing a workers’ compensation claim. If you have been fired, demoted, or feel you are being treated unfairly due to filing your claim, you should contact an experienced attorney. Also, if your employer is pushing you to return to work before you recovered from your injury, you should speak to an attorney to discuss your rights and responsibilities for returning to work.

If You Have Suffered a Permanent Disability

If your injury has caused you a permanent disability, your claim is more complex than others and could significantly benefit from having an attorney in your corner. With a permanent disability, your ability to work in the future could be affected, and you may be entitled to significant benefits. This type of case is complicated to navigate as an individual with no experience in the workers’ compensation world.

If Your Settlement of Benefits are Not Sufficient to Cover Your Losses

If you have settled your claim, but feel that the benefits are not sufficient to cover your lost wages or medical expenses, an attorney may help to rectify your claim and increase your benefit amount.

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At EMD Law, our attorneys are here to fight for your rights to the benefits and settlements you deserve. An injury can disrupt your life and can have a significant impact on your ability to continue working. If you’ve been injured at work, having an experienced attorney in your corner can help to ensure that your claims process is smooth, and your outcome is positive. Schedule a free consultation with our team today!