Three Practices of Mismanagement that Lead to an Increase of Workplace Injury

Mismanagement in the workplace can come about for many reasons, and often leads to an increase in workplace accidents. Negligence in the workplace can be caused by:

  • Ignorance of Safety Regulations – Federal regulations are created to govern workplace healthy and safety. An employer’s failure to comply with these regulations can lead to a hazardous workplace for employees.
  • Improper Maintenance – It is imperative that companies perform regular maintenance on machines and equipment as a preventative measure to prevent breakdowns and safety emergencies. When equipment does malfunction, if swift and appropriate action is not taken, risk of injury increases.
  • Insufficient Training – When an employer is in a rush to get employees on the floor, steps in training may be skipped over. All employees should be trained how to perform and operate their machinery safely, as well as advised on potential job hazards and how to minimize injury to themselves and others in the workplace. Failure to do so is almost a sure bet that accidents will likely occur due to a lack of proper training.

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