Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Nerve Damage?

workers comp nerve damage

Nerve damage is a serious injury that no one wants to encounter. Unfortunately, injuries do occur, and some can have devastating effects. Nerve injuries are in a class of their own because of their severity and complex nature. Nerve damage can have both short and long-term implications for the injured worker. Given the complex nature […]

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How is Schedule Loss of Use Calculated in New York State?

scheduled loss of use nys

No one hopes for mishaps at work, but accidents do happen on the job. Sometimes, this can change the course of a person’s life forever. In some cases, the worker may be eligible to receive a Schedule Loss-of-Use award (SLU). If you are wondering how the Workers’ Compensation Board of New York State pays this […]

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Winter Workers’ Compensation Claims

man falling on ice

In New York, we’re not unfamiliar with snow and ice. However, many workers don’t know their rights when it comes to injuries sustained due to the perilous conditions of New York winters. Workplace injuries should be a concern of any business, particularly in the winter. Data shows that nearly one-third of workers compensation claims in […]

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Common Questions For Your Workers’ Compensation Hearing

Workers compensation is a type of business insurance that provides benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. The compensation helps pay for medical care, lost wages and more. It’s important to remember that benefits differ from state to state so working with a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate all your claims […]

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Worker’s Compensation for COVID-19

workers comp covid19

A big looming question right now is as more people are returning to work, if COVID-19 is contracted while working, can employees receive workers compensation benefits? The answer, yes. Just like any other illness or injury the employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance to pay benefits to workers who are made ill or injured due […]

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Temporary Employees and Workers’ Compensation in New York State

woman in chair

Use of temporary employees can really help a business reduce overall staffing costs while allowing for your regular full-time and part-time employees to not get burned out during busy seasons. If you are a business who uses temp employees, it is important to know what New York State says about workers’ compensation insurance and who […]

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What Can I Do While on Workers’ Compensation?

Disabled Man at Airport

After a workplace accident, there are usually a lot of questions and uncertainties around the severity of your injury, the amount of payouts benefits you are likely to receive, or even wonder what activities you are allowed to do or participate in while receiving those benefits. Questions we most often hear at Erwin, McCane & […]

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Can I Get Workers Comp If I Have A Heat Stroke?

workers comp heat stroke

Depending on type of work and geographical location, workers can be exposed to extreme conditions. In these cases, workers can be forced to endure temperatures that can put them at severe risk of heat stroke and other heat-related conditions. It is important that employees know the risks of heat stroke in order to prevent such […]

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Updates To The NYS Workers’ Compensation Board Due To COVID-19

wcb nys covid 19

The last couple months have been a very turbulent and uncertain time for many of us, especially those out of work due to work-related injuries. The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board has issued important announcements and changes regarding worker’s compensation claims in recent months. As additional information gets communicated, we will keep you up-to-date […]

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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Car Accidents at Work?

damaged car on the side of the road

If driving is part of your job responsibilities or you often travel for work, it’s important to know your legal rights if you’re injured in a car accident. As with most workers’ compensation cases, there is no definitive answer to the question “Does workers’ comp cover car accidents?” Instead, each case must be examined and […]

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