What NOT to do After Being Injured at Work

Worker with arm in cast and sling

A workplace injury can be incredibly disruptive to your health and to your life. If you’ve been hurt at work, there are many steps to take in order to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive the benefits you deserve. When taking these steps, it’s important to know the mistakes to avoid making that could […]

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Common Misconceptions about Workers’ Compensation

Construction worker on site with back pain.

Workers’ Compensation can be a daunting and complicated process. Any employee injured on the job has the right to and should file a claim. At Erwin, McCane & Daley, our mission is to help our clients, and anyone looking for resources on Workers’ Compensation, to navigate their way to the benefits they deserve. It’s important […]

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What Benefits Can I Expect to Receive on Workers’ Compensation and Do I Qualify?

When someone is injured at work, there are two questions that immediately arise following their accident: Do I qualify for workers’ compensation? What benefits can I expect to receive? As part of a typical workers’ compensation claim you are entitled to four different kinds of benefits: Weekly compensation Permanent impairment benefits Payment of medical bills Death benefits […]

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Understanding Worker Compensation Claims

Man Falling - Workers' Compensation

Getting injured at work can be overwhelming. In the unfortunate event that you are hurt on the job, be prepared. Learn more today about the benefits of workers’ compensation.   Workers’ Compensation: Steps To Get Started: Step 1: Reporting the Injury Step 2: Receiving Medical Treatment Step 3: Employer Reports Injury Step 4: Carrier Sends […]

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The Seven Steps to Workers’ Compensation

Injured Worker

The workers’ compensation process will vary depending on the employer and worker. However, there are seven key steps that take place, no matter the claim. Let’s go through each one to ensure you’re making the right strides toward getting the workers’ compensation you are entitled to. Breaking Down the Workers’ Compensation Process These seven steps […]

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4 Key Signs It’s Time to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

workers’ compensation

If you’ve been injured at work and have filed a workers’ compensation claim, you may ask yourself, “Do I need to hire a worker’s compensation lawyer?” While some may think they can get by without an attorney, it’s always in your best interest to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Not only […]

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What is a Workers’ Compensation Medical “Buyout”

women holding money

Did you know that you could receive a Workers’ Compensation medical “buyout”? That’s right. If you received a settlement by way of “Stipulations with Request for Award” or a “Findings and Awards” issued by a judge, a Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier may contact you about settling your case through a lump sum of money. To […]

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