How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Workers’ Compensation

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been impacting numerous industries, including workers’ compensation. While some hope that self-driving cars, automation, and robots will reduce workplace injuries, AI also has the possibility of affecting workers’ compensation claims management.

By taking on arduous and tedious tasks, AI is already assisting workers’ compensation lawyers. More time can be spent taking on clients, reading cases, and offering expert legal advice.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Affecting Workers’ Compensation


Artificial Intelligence is helping workers’ compensation lawyers stay organized and communicate the most accurate information. Software is able to store information about a client’s employer, details on the injury, and insurance information. Additionally, the value of a settlement can be calculated as well as risk identification and intervention opportunities.

The software offers workflows to create productive, efficient settlement and litigation practices while making sure no details are missed. Many lawyers have noticed a significant improvement in the recovery of their clients based on the positive effects that the software has on their settlement negotiations.

Discovery Process

Many cases require a large team of professionals to sort through paperwork and ensure that no detail is lost. With predictive coding, data and information are quickly organized and prioritized. This reduces the cost of discovery and allows lawyers to have more face-to-face discussions with clients.

Legal Research

In addition to organization, there is software available to assist with legal research. The research process is expedited and produces better results. Many lawyers have reported winning cases based on AI’s ability to find applicable case law or cases almost identical to their own.

Client Interactions 

When lawyers or claims professionals are unavailable, chatbots are able to step in. They’re evolving to better understand human interactions and will soon be able to field claimant questions and initiate the claims process.

Some chatbots are also able to transcribe conversations from clients into written versions of the forms. Many don’t enjoy typing out their experience and are more likely to provide greater detail when they can talk about their injury. When you compare reports that are written versus spoken, the report that was spoken contains vastly more information. More information allows attorneys to better understand their client’s case and represent them in court.

Predicting Outcomes

Artificial Intelligence can analyze data and make a prediction about the outcome of a case far more accurately than a human. When an injured worker asks their attorney if they should settle, the answer will be one that is based on evidence, not just a gut feeling. AI sifts through years of relevant data and case files to provide a quality answer.

AI is transforming the way we work every day, with significant developments in the near future. At Erwin McCane and Daly we’re embracing technology so we can focus more of our attention on you. We have numerous years of experiencing representing injured workers’ in the Capital Region and we will be on your side to handle your care personally. We attend any hearings that are held and fight for your rights and benefits.

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