Are You In Danger At Your Workplace? The Top 3 Work Hazards

Construction Worker Injury

Any environment can easily turn into a dangerous one if not properly maintained. These are some of most common work hazards we see complaints from:

  1. Slips, Trips, and Falls The most common cause of injury at work is inarguably this one. If there’s a spill that is not cleaned up, cables left lying on the floor, or even uneven floor surfaces, a hazardous environment is created.
  2. Fire Although less common, fires can present another workplace hazard at any type of facility. Poorly maintained equipment can easily lead to a fire, as can poor cleaning standards or inefficient watch over candles and smoking near flammables.
  3. Electrical Live wires can present a work hazard if equipment is not checked often, especially if faulty appliances are left in use. A person does not even have to touch a wire directly – conducting materials and objects can also provide a dangerous shock that can be quite damaging.

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