3 Strong Reasons Why Social Security Disability (SSDI) Claims May Be Denied

Falling at Work

We understand that having Social Security Disability (SSDI) claims denied can be stressful and frustrating for people. Unfortunately, denials are common, as are delays. Studies have shown that nationwide, a whopping 70 percent of all disability claims are denied at their initial application.

Spotting potential problems ahead of time is good advice, but shouldn’t replace having legal representation. Do call us and schedule a consultation 518-449-2245.

Here Are 3 Top Reasons Why Claims May Be Denied:


  1. Missing medical evidence. It’s vital to see a doctor right away for your condition, then follow-up on a regular basis. You’ll need extensive medical notes to back up your claim.
  2. Being unwilling to appeal your case if your benefits are denied. It takes time and patience and can be very time consuming to appeal, but it must be done.
  3. Not reviewing the Social Security Impairment Manual to make sure your disability is allowable. The manual lists many physical and mental conditions that are recognized as disabilities, and the criteria that must be met to prove that you’re suffering from a listing in the book. This criteria includes documenting and supplying sufficient doctor’s records.

The best way to avoid the time and stress of applying for SSDI is to call Erwin , McCane , and Daly (518-449-2245) as soon as you are injured or become ill as a result of your job. We know what it takes to navigate the system, and we’ll use our expertise to move your case along expeditiously and take as much worry off your shoulders as we can.