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Disability Claims: Not Just For Sudden Injuries

Erwin, McCane & Daly | Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It’s a common misconception that Workers’ Compensation claims can only be made after a sudden, one-time accident and injury.

Untrue! There are conditions that can happen over time that cumulatively can cause discomfort and inhibit your ability to carry out job duties. These repetitive injuries can take months or years to surface, but if they’re job-related, you may have a valid Workers’ Comp claim.

Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from continuous keyboarding, or respiratory conditions from repeated chemical exposure are frequent Workers’ Compensation claims. In many states, these conditions and diseases are called “occupational diseases,” meaning they arose from the conditions of employment over a period of time.

The best person to determine the extent of your illness or injury is your doctor.

Once you have documented medical evidence, call EMD Law at (518)-499-2245 to represent you in your Workers’ Comp case. We have the expertise and knowledge of the claims process and will use our strengths to your benefit.